Interview with Rhett & Mom: we're going tiny full time.

Moving to a tiny home full time, on the side of a mountain with two kids, one partner & two dogs is happening! And we are going to share our journey to inspire, encourage & celebrate how life changes so quickly if you let it. 

My request is -- that my kids look at this journey as an experience to bring everyone closer together and reduce the amount of "I need to have this" in our lives. 

After one full year of NOT living in the tiny and successfully renting it out on Airbnb our family is ready to escape the city & dive into tiny living full time. 

There's a lot of other "reasons" as to why we are going tiny right now but we'll talk about that in another blog. 

 How do we feel about going tiny full time: 

Rhett - my 7 year old son is excited & wants to celebrate on Youtube, Kins my 10 year old daughter is resisting the change, and my partner is super pumped.

Then you have me, the mom...the one that carries the anxiety into her sleep & the world on her shoulders. I'm feeling anxious, excited, uncertain & at the same time CLEAR. I have lists and lists of things I have to get done, want to get done and absolutely NEED to get done before we go. 

One of the most common questions I've been getting is "are you sure, can all four of you really live in the tiny?" and my simple answer is - who the heck knows. 

Everything is scary at first

The first day you open the doors to your business: scary. 

The divorce: scary.

Ordering a tiny house: scary. 

Having kids: scary.

Dating: scary.

But every single time I've done something scary I am rewarded with so many beautiful gifts. 

Right now it all feels right,  & instead of paying $8,000 for rent in the city (more to come on that).... I own land, I own a home...and I own a digital marketing company so LETS GO. 

The tiny rosehip - tiny home kitchen


Make sure you watch our chat here on Youtube, give Rhett some likes, leave a comment or two and celebrate our next adventure because we are pumped! 

- Megan, Rhett, Kins & Neil. 


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